Four countries, four true stories. The same goal: surviving. The same weapon: knowledge. Learning to read and count, learning to express oneself, forgetting the hard life conditions so to become a practically normal pupil.

What do Gustavo, a Brazilian criminal, Aja, a young Indian brickyard worker, Chanti and Chum, two Cambodians threatened by prostitution and Aponi, a native American from Dakota confronted to the alcoholism of his father, have in common? It’s the will of going beyond, changing their lives and taking their destiny in their hands so that they can educate themselves with and against everybody else, because only education abeles those children to escape their condition.

In a quest for knowledge, determined to fight against ignorance, those pupils, heroes of their own story, are going beyond their limits in the hope of a better life.

Author / Director: Pascal Plisson

Genre: Documentary

Coproduction with: Darka Movies