Olivier Dazat

Author and screenplay writer for the cinema, Olivier Dazat was also in charge of the magazine ‘Cinématographe’ between 1984 and 1987. He published over fifteen books and wrote screenplays for over thirty films such as « Podium » by Yann Moix, « Asterix et les jeux Olympiques » (Asterix at the Olympic games) by Frédérique Forestier and Thomas Langmann, and also « mon meilleur amie » (my best friend) by Patrice Leconte.


2015: Le Grand Jour (The big day), by Pascal Plisson

2011: Les saveurs du Palais (The palace’s flavours), by Christian Vincent

2011: Comme un chef (like a chief), by Daniel Cohen

2010: Trois fois 20 ans (20 years three times), by Julie Gavras

2009: Cinéman, by Yann Moix

2008: Les Insoumis (The disobedient), by Claude-Michel Rome

2006: Le Bienfaiteur (the benefactor), by Christian Vincent

2006: Astérix aux Jeux Olympiques (Asterix at the Olympic Games), by Frédéric Forestier and Thomas Langmann

2006: Du jour au lendemain (overnight), by Philippe Le Guay

2006: Quatre étoiles (four stars), by Christian Vincent

2005: Razzia sur Browntown (raid on Browntown), by Giordano Gederlini

2005: La fille de Monaco (Monaco’s girl), by Anne Fontaine

2005: Mon meilleur ami (my best friend), by Patrice Leconte

2004: Les parrains (the godfathers), by Frédéric Forestier

2003: La justice jusqu’à l’absurde (justice till the absurd), by Michaël and Becky Pardue

2003: Podium, by Yann Moix

2003: Massai, les guerriers de la pluie (Massai, the rain warriors), by Pascal Plisson

2002: Tristan, by Philippe Harel

2000: Le vélo de Ghislain Lambert (Ghislaine Lambert’s bike), by Philippe Harel

2000: Trois Huit (three eights), by Philippe Le Guay

1999: Himalaya, l’enfance d’un chef (Himalaya, the childhood of a chief), by Eric Valli


2011: Les saveurs du Palais (the Palace’s flavours), by Christian Vincent


2013: Hier encore (yesterday again),  Hoëbeke edition

2000: L’honneur des champions (the champions honour), Hoëbeke edition

1991: Panache,  La Dilettante edition

1988-1989: Monography of Gérard Depardieu,  Segers edition

1988-1989: Monography of Alain Delon,  Segers edition

1988-1989: Monography of Marilyn Monroe, Segers edition

1987: Seigneur et forçat du vélo (Lord and convict of the bike), Calman Lévy Essai edition

1986: Chroniques perverses (perverse chronics), Sylvie Messager Recueil de nouvelles edition

1983: Un dictionnaire inattendu (an unexpected dictionary), Hachette edition