Morgane Dumas

Holding a degree from the French Journalism school (EFJ) after having a licence in performing arts (with cinema option), Morgane Dumas dedicates her time to travel around the world; for her it’s the occasion to shoot a documentary that captures the encounter with different people and cultures. Morgan confirms her desire to express herself and to show. As the assistant of the director Pascal Plisson for « the big day » it abled her to enter (the cinematographic domain) which lead to her participation to the researches and the writing, during the development of the next feature film of Pascal Plisson. In 2016, she directed her first short film « chassé croisé », (chase cross) and is now writing a screenplay for a future documentary and for a new feature film.


2018: Author of a TV documentary about women’s sport and a biopic for the cinema

2017: Author, director, producer of a short film – Chassé Croisé, presented at the Short Film Corner at the Festival de Cannes, 2017

2012-2013: Director of a documentary about the cyber-dissidents in Asia and America


2015: Internship, journalist-investigator – STP Production, Press Agency, Paris

2014: Internship, manager and communication assistant – Association « Toutes à l’école », Cambodge

2010: Internship, radio journalist – Virgin Radio, Basque coast, Biarritz