Les Trottoirs du Paradis (The Pavements of Paradise)

Zuga, 18 years old, has all his life to live. Madly in love with B. and having the opportunity to make a big career in the skiing sports, he lives a carefree life, with the feeling of flying, without suspecting that soon, even planes will not take off. In April 1992, the war in Sarajevo begins, which tears Zuga a part from his home and from B. who is pregnant and convinces him to reunite each other in Monaco at her godfather’s house, who is a wealthy business man. Zuga and his best friend Vanco leave their country for Monaco, they go through Vienna, Zurich, Vintmille without any money, only having their skis under their arms and a lot of hope. Once they arrive, nothing goes as planed. B. is nowhere to be found and the wealthy business man turns out to be a foreigner. The two friends are left all by themselves, far away from those who suffer the horrors of war.

Author / Director: Igor Latinovic

Genre: Dramatic comedy

Coproduction with: Kosutnjak Film