Laetitia Kugler

Participating as a Script doctor on many scenarios, Laetitia Kugler is also a screenplay writer and a writing director for the cinema and television. She also teaches writing and its technical assets at many Universities (3iS, ESRA, Sciences Po Paris, Paris 3, Paris 7). Since 2006, she intervenes in many screenplay writing workshops for the AKREATOR,SRF, l’Accroche scenariste, sequence 7, the Valence scenario festival and for the Villa Medicis at Clichy-Montfermeil. Laetitia Kugler is also president of the anonymous readers association since 2006.


CINEMA : Avalanche Productions, 25 Films, Capricci, HBB26, Injam Production, Insolence Productions, Ladybirds Productions, Les films après la pluie, Marvelous Productions, Mezzanine Films, Move Movie, Mustang Productions, Nynamor, Paradis Films, Révérence, Sombrero, Too Many Cowboys, Yukunkun Production

TV FICTION : associated writer, Boxeur de lune, Ego Production, Elemiah, Endemol, Image & compagnie, Fontaram, Nexus Factory, Shine France Films, Telfrance

TV DOCUMENTARY : Artemisia, Dynamo Productions, Gédéon, Ladybirds Films, Qwest Media, Salto Production, Seconde Vague, Roche Production, Sister Prod, Télécran, Zaradoc


Enigma, feature film adapted from the novel Enigma d’Antoni Casas Ros, co-writing with Raphaël Pintart Daniel et moi (Daniel and me), feature film, co-writing with Anaïs Aidoud, produced by Adama Pictures
School, documentary, co-writing with Pascal Plisson, produced by Ladybirds Films and Darka Movies The Brief, comedy series (10×26’), co-writing with Stéphane Barbato, produced by Elemiah, Le Maraké de Brandon, documentary of 52’, co-writing with Dave Benneteau de la Prairie, produced by Dynamo production (released on France Ô on February 2018)
Les Filles en piste (girls on track), docu-drama de 6×52’, co-writing with Yann St-Pé for Trebel Prod, (released on Canal plus extrême and Planète A&E January 2014)
Post Coïtum, web series of 5×3 à 6’, with Damien Gault and Guillaume Cremonese


Literary director for the fiction pole of Dhine France Films (2013)
Acquisition and development of many original series projects (non completed)

Viewing of foreign formats and adaptation projects (Broadchurch, Sandhamn murders, Your Family Or Mine)