Chassé Croisé (Chase Crossed)

Anna is a foreigner. She arrives in Biarritz with the idea to integrate the ballet troupe of the city and to settle down. Léo is a native surfer of the region. The surf season is finished and his plan is to leave. Both constantly meet without exchanging. An unknown stranger punctuates by his presence this chase and cross.

Author / Director: Morgane Dumas

Genre: Short movie

Running time: 15 minutes

Critic by Pierre Gaffié

« What touched me in « chassé croisé» is as well the organic and the spiritual side. Organic for the multiples re-education shots; faces full of doubt and patience, especially for her (Anna). And spiritual because, of course, before the final ending, we feel that everyone (including the spectator) is connected to each other through a secret bond. The shot in the cheese shop, beneath the hall, with the young girl who is between two shallow characters, is like a separation between the « now » and the « later », between « youth » and « mature age ».

But, in the end, what touched me the most are those necks, those backs that often appear in the film. Did she want to give the sensation of a guardian angel, which glides and helps those characters? In this case it’s very revealing and well done. Being in the back of the hero, going down on his feet then going back up, is very encircling. This is what I call an impossible camera, which helps to capture hidden things… For the moment.

In conclusion, I would say that the film has a strong opinion that works very well. The lightning is soft, a bit overexposed, which creates a contrast with the set (supermarket hallway, open hall). With your film, we have the feeling that something big could happen. Yet our destinies are often enormous.

By giving attention to the body, Morgane Dumas, manages to pay attention to the souls. Without any bragging. That’s what I expect from the cinema …

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next. »

Pierre Gaffié

Journalist, director, producer, teacher at the EFAP and the ICART at Paris