Four countries, four true stories. The same goal: surviving. The same weapon: knowledge. Learning to read and count, learning to express oneself, forgetting the hard life conditions so to become a practically normal pupil. What do Gustavo, a Brazilian criminal, Aja, a young Indian brickyard worker, Chanti and Chum, two Cambodians threatened by prostitution andLire la suite « School »

Le pays des couleurs oubliées (The land of forgotten colours)

In a world where colours and hope has vanished, Nico, 8 years old, is searching for his father, who disappeared in a shipwreck. On his way, he meets a strange led by a captain, who, under the influence of alcohol, rambles on about the magical properties of a mysterious butterfly. Full of curiosity and childishLire la suite « Le pays des couleurs oubliées (The land of forgotten colours) »

Le Grand Jour (The big Day)

All around the world, young boys and girls challenge themselves to achieve their dreams, their passions and to over come the challenge that will change their lives forever. Together, they will live a unique day full of hope and aspirations. Release date: September 23, 2015 Directed by: Pascal Plisson With: Nidhi Jha, Albert  Gonzalez Monteagudo, TomLire la suite « Le Grand Jour (The big Day) »


In the north of Kenya lives Priscilla Sitienei, called Gogo, being 94 she is the oldest pupil. This year she wants to achieve her dream; pass the exam and get her elementary school degree. With her mature age and her lifetime experience, she seizes the importance of education for all children. The education for girlsLire la suite « Gogo »